Growing energy crops on contaminated land for biofuels and soil remediation


Soil pollution is a global problem making vast areas of agricultural land unexploitable

In Europe it is estimated that
2.5 millions sites

are potentially contaminated

650.000 hectares

of land cannot be cultivated

because of excessive concentrations of organic or inorganic pollutants.

GOLD develops solutions to grow lignocellulosic crops on contaminated sites



Grow energy crops on contaminated land

  • Optimization of high-yielding lignocellulosic crops for phytoremediation
  • Pilot field trials on polluted sites in EU, China and India
  • Optimization of phytoremediation for organic and inorganic soil pollutants

Produce low ILUC risk biofuels

  • Biomass pre-treatment, gasification and fermentation
  • Biomass pyrolysis and upgrading to refinery-compatible intermediates and fuels
  • Extraction of pollutants in concentrated forms

Optimize the value chain

  • Integrated environmental, economic, social assessment
  • Modelling of the selected value chains
  • Design of effective replication strategies

GOLD aims to bring forward positive impacts to several global societal challenges

Bring polluted land back to agricultural production through improved phytoremediation, thus contributing to a zero pollution toxic-free environment.

Produce low ILUC risk biofuels on contaminated land for a clean, affordable and secure energy.

Promote international collaboration towards the Mission Innovation Challenge 4 on advanced biofuels.

Contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goals.


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