Value chain optimization

In GOLD, 44 phytoremediation solutions will be developed by combining different contaminated sites, energy crops and phytoremediation practices. These combinations will be modelled in terms of biomass quantity and quality and land decontamination efficiency, and the best performing will be selected as the optimized ones.

The assessment will include:

Land decontamination will be estimated:

In both cases, the yields and quality of the biomass will also be analyzed, since the produced biomass will be used for clean biofuel production with low ILUC risks. The best performing phytoremediation solutions will be selected for replication in other sites having similar contamination problems and climatic conditions. The phytoremediation solutions will be combined with the two conversion routes developed in GOLD and 16 value chains (4 per energy crop) will be selected, modelled and analysed in terms of cost and sustainability through an integrated sustainability assessment. This will ensure win-win situations for both biofuels production and decontamination of the polluted lands, thus bridging the gap between clean biofuels production and advanced phytoremediation solutions.