GOLD at this year’s EUBCE

Clean advanced biofuels production from contaminated land – 6th June 2023

At this year’s EUBCE three Horizon 2020 projects; GOLD, CERESiS, Phy2Climate will present together their joint aim of bridging the gap between remediation of contaminated sites and the production of clean energy. All three projects are using phytoremediation techniques to remove contaminants from soil, whilst cultivating energy crops to us as biomass feedstock and converted to produce clean advanced biofuels.

In this session we will hear about the different conversion and separation technologies that are being researched by the three projects.


Contaminated land Remediation through Energy crops for Soil improvement to liquid biofuel Strategies. This project is in its final year of research and will present the conversion and contaminant separation technologies used, and share with us some the most important results of the project.

Presenters: Athanasios Rentizelas, NTUA & Nikolaos Boukis, KIT


Growing energy crops on contaminated land for biofuels and soil remediation. This project has just completed one year of field studies, and in this presentation we will hear about the crops in the first part of the conversion process which is the pre-treatment phrase.

Presenters: Efthymia Alexopoulou, CRES & Marcel Dossow, TUM


Building the bridge between the phytoremediation of contaminated sites with the production of clean drop-in biofuels. This project has completed one year of field trials, and in this presentation we will hear about the biorefinery process used to convert the plant biomass into value added products.

Presenters: Markus Ortner, ITS & Chistopher Kick, Fraunhofer

Session wrap-up

Presenter: Emma Fromant, ETA-Florence

More information about the event and how to attend can be found here: Bioenergy and renewable fuels projects for the revamping of the SET Plan

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