GOLD Interview Series

During the M12 consortium meeting, held in Lille, France, GOLD partners were given the opportunity to introduce themselves and their work package. In this short interview series we hear from: 

  • Efthimia Alexopoulou, CRES, the Project Coordinator, in which she introduces the project and how she came up with the project acronym GOLD.
  • Eleni Papazoglou, AUA, WP1 Leader, who tells us about the importance of this project for the environment and renewable fuels.
  • Giacomo Talluri, RE-CORD, who introduces project partner RE-CORD and its role in Project GOLD.
  • Marcel Dossow, TUM, WP2 leader, who introduces project partner TUM and its role in the project.
  • Stavroula Zafeiropoulou, ME.T.E. S.A, the only commercial partner in the project, who tells us about the importance of this project not only for the environment but for the local community in the area of these disused mines.

The interview series can be viewed also here.

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