International workshop organised by GOLD project entitled “Bridging the gap between phytoremediation solutions on growing energy crops on contaminated lands and clean biofuel production”

13 March 2024Hotel Golden Age Athens

Join us for this free International workshop, online and in person, in which three projects funded by the European Commission: GOLD Project H2020, Phy2Climate Project, & CERESiS project, are coming together to present in Athens, Greece.
During this event you will hear how each of these projects is using phyto-remediation crops not only to clean soils, but also as a feedstock to produce clean biofuels, through innovative conversion processes.

Free registration here:
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Agenda (Time in East European / Athens Time)

Session 1
08:30 – 09:00 Registration & get together

9:00-9:20Welcome and presentation of workshop conceptDr. Efthymia Alexopoulou, CRES
9:20-9:40EU policy updates on renewable fuelsDr. Maria Georgiadou, Commission, DG RTD
9:40-10:10Phytoremediation and phytomanagement of polluted soils and groundwater: lessons from field experimentsProf. Jaco Vangronsveld, UMCS
10:10-10:40Mapping the contaminated lands in Europe (GOLD project)Dr. Berien Elbersen, WR, Netherlands
10:40-10:50Questions for session 1 

10:50 – 11:00 Coffee break

Session 2

11:10-11:30Phytoremediation solutions on growing energy crops on contaminated lands (GOLD project)Dr. Eleni G. Papazoglou, AUA
11:30-11:50Insights to multi-annual phytoremediation pilot field trials covering heavy metal and organic soil pollution (Phy2climate project)Dr. Snezana Maletic
11:50-12:10Phalaris arundinaceae combines sustainable biomass production with phyto-management of contaminated sites (CERESiS project)Dr. Richard Lord
12:10-12:30Bridging the gap between phytoremediation & advanced biofuels productions (GOLD project)Giacomo Talluri, RECORD
12:30-12:50Supporting complex decisions for phytoremediation-to-biofuels value chains design (CERESiS project)Prof. Athanasios Rentizelas, NTUA
12:50-13:00Questions for session 2 

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch break

14:00-14:30Conversion routes in GOLDDr. Heather Wray, TNO& Prof. Nicolas Abatzoglou, UDES
14:30-15:00Two thermochemical technologies for the energetic utilization of contaminated biomass and subsequent product upgrading (CERESiS project)Dr. Nikolaos Boukis, Dr. Paola Giudicianni (online)
15:00-15:30Conversion routes in Phy2Climate: Valorisation of contaminated biomass applying a cascadic biorefinery process based on TCR technology (Phy2climate project)Dr. Christopher Kick (online)  
15:30-15:40Questions for session 3 
15:40-16:00Final words and wrap up 

16:00 End of the workshop

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